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Melanie R. Ferguson PhD LPC 251-648-6192

Melanie Ferguson, licensed by the State of Alabama as a Licensed Professional Counselor since 1990, awarded a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1999 by The Union Graduate School (Cincinnati, OH), has been in private practice since 1990. Dr Ferguson brings a Positive Psychology focus in her approach to increased adjustment and happiness for your life.

During the past twenty years, Psychology and Counseling have been guided by the concept that there are laws that govern the Human Being. In this Unified approach, mind and body are seen as harmonious. It is easy to understand, then, that living to achieve the most peace, purpose, and self-awareness are prime goals in the therapy experience. Therapy recognizes and guides the healing of old hurts, and recognizes the valid personal needs for achievement and appreciation.

All of these can improve in a matter of weeks using the latest, cognitive interventions that a private therapist can provide. Sharing small amounts of time with an experienced, understanding professional means you do not have to face life alone. Time spent in this process, one hour or successive sessions, can be a surprisingly positive experience. Enlightenment simply means knowing and accepting oneself, and the realization of how to alter old opinions, and habits that no longer work to bring satisfaction in living.

Gently, one hour at a time, and with a reasonable financial investment, your personal privacy is guaranteed as you move toward immediately enjoying your own life, no matter the present circumstances. You have always wanted to speak to someone about important aspects of living, but have hesitated to choose that person. Try a 1 hour session, and see how your experience of life can stop being dominated by problems like money, a relationship, food, a job. We learn as we go along, trial and error. We learn from many teachers. Then, we teach.

Her experience besides private practice includes:

  • University of South Alabama
    Sociology and Anthropology Department, Adjunct Professor

  • Charter Women's Center, Mobile Alabama
    Charter hospital psychiatric crisis unit/ chemical dependency unit
    Clinical Coordinator

    Melanie's formal education includes:

  • Ph.D. - Clinical Psychology
    Union Graduate School
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Master of Science, Behavorial Science
    University of South Alabama

  • Bachelor of Science
    Auburn University

  • Certifications in forensic psychology, psychometry, EMDR, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating Disorders, Chemical Dependency, Mood Disorders, Gender Issues, Gerontology, Domestic Violence, Executive Coaching

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