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Melanie R. Ferguson PhD LPC 251-648-6192

My clients include people who are at various places on the spectrum of biological age and gender.

As individuals we often experience many of the same unpleasant stuff that helps us grow into stronger people but really scares us, hurts us, and confuses us! How often we'd really like it if we had someone to talk to.

More often how hard we find it to even select that someone in whom we can feel trust, connected and safe? If being in therapy means that we are sick - forget it. Besides, calling, getting an appointment, and waiting in a room full of other people is just too embarrassing.

I have eliminated all that! With a single call, I can provide an attractive, quiet place for simply relaxing and talking enough to understand what's going on. No waiting room with other folks looking at you, no receptionist with paperwork, but greeted and seen within minutes by me, personally.

You are not a patient, but someone who hires me to listen, understand, clarify, add new ideas for making a positive change, and help solve the problems that most of us experience from time to time.

Sure, I have advanced degrees in all the right specialities like Clinical Psychology, but I believe in your ability to feel better as we simply meet together.

People usually call and come by because they are experiencing:

  • Being overwhelmed with life, commonly called stress. Your tasks own you. Take back your life.

  • Deep sadness, not enjoying anything, anymore, even sex, commonly called depression. Regain your joy for life.

  • Fear of driving, fear of failing, fear of everything, commonly called anxiety or panic disorder. Serious recovery.

  • Couples of all kinds are frustrated, hurt, and resentful with one another. How to stay, when to go.
  • "I hate my body!" This can't be much fun. Find out why you struggle with food. Letting go of guilt, shame.

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